Zortrax Inkspire LCD UV Machine Resins

Zortrax Inkspire works with a dedicated Zortrax Resin Basic, a photopolymer designed to guarantee impeccable accuracy of details and great mechanical properties of prints at the same time. External resins compatible with Zortrax Inkspire include special purpose photopolymers made for applications in dental prosthetics or jewelry design among others. All resins cured by light with 405 nm wavelength are supported. Following is the list of supported resins:


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Zortrax Resins
  1. Zortrax BASIC
  2. Raydent Surgical
  3. Raydent Crown & Bridge
  4. Druckwedge Type D Dental
BlueCast Resins
  1. BlueCast Original
  2. BlueCast X10
  3. BlueCast X5
ApplyLab Work Resins
  1. MSLA Modeling Dental
  2. MSLA Modeling Gray
  3. MSLA Modeling Clear
Siraya Tech Resin


Ameralab Resins
  1. AMD – 3 LED
  2. DMD – 21 LED
Harz Labs Resins
  1. ART Glow
  2. Basic
  3. Dental Cast
  4. Dental Clear
  5. Dental Peach
  6. Dental Pink
  7. Dental Ro
  8. Dental Sand A1-A2;A3: Bleach
  9. Dental Yellow Clear
  10. Model
Derve Resins
  • Foto Dent Model
  • Foto Dent Guide
  • BlueCast X10
  • BlueCast X5
Power Cast Resins
  1. Power Cast Opaque
  2. Power Cast Burn