Formlabs Form 3 LFS Printer

Low Force SLA Technology

Low Force SLA Technology

About Formlabs

Stereolithography belongs to a family of additive manufacturing technologies known as vat photo-polymerization. These machines are all built around the same principle, using a light source—a laser or projector—to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic.

LFS is advanced form of SLA, which drastically reduces the forces exerted on parts during the print process, using a flexible tank and linear illumination to deliver incredible surface quality and print accuracy.

 Lower print forces allow for light-touch support structures that tear away with ease, and the process opens up a wide range of possibilities for future development of advanced, production-ready materials

Advantages LFS Technology

  • Fine features and smooth surface finish
  • Ultimate part precision and accuracy
  • Light touch support structure that tear away easily.
  • Isotropic parts produced
  • Watertightness
  • Material versatility




Bed volume

145X145X185 mm

XY resolution

0.25 mm

Laser power

250 mW

Laser diameter

85 microns

Layer thickness

25 – 300 microns

Supported file formats

.stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf



Standard Resins
  1. Black
  2. Clear
  3. Grey
  4. White
  5. Color Resins & Pigments
  6. Draft
Dental Resins
  1. Dental LT Clear
  2. Model
  3. Dental SG
  4. Denture Teeth
  5. Surgical Guide
  6. Custom Tray
  7. Permanent Crown
  8. Temporary CB
  9. Soft Tissue
Engineering Resins
  1. Durable
  2. Elastic 50 A
  3. Flexible 80 A
  4. Grey Pro
  5. High Temp
  6. Rigid 4000
  7. Rigid 10K
  8. Tough 2000
  9. Tough 1500
Medical Resins
  1. BioMed Amber
  2. BioMed Clear
Speciality Resins
  1. Castable
  2. Castable Wax
  3. Ceramic